The global leader in managed WiFi systems

About UniFi®

WiFi technology has recently taken a quantum leap in strength, reliability, flexibility and control. WifiWhereYouWantIT seized the opportunity to finally make it easy to have great coverage, no matter how large your system needs to be.

UniFi® is a physical device featuring a clean industrial design that can integrate seamlessly into your environment. The LED indicator tells you that the device is operational. 

We manage your device through our cloud console:

  • We perform updates when needed. 

  • We get an alarm if the unit goes offline, and we go into action. 

  • We can reset your password upon request. 

  • We can make a new guest network for you. 

  • We can set a schedule for when the network operational. 

  • We can even set up rules for access to certain kinds of sites. 

  • You decide who, what, when, where, and how people can connect. 

We take care of it for you.

WifiWhereYouWantIT provides the kind of customer support that is needed in today’s hi-tech environment by responding to issues small or large in a timely and efficient manner.
— Shelley Barouh, Small Business Owner